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Book Review: Gogo Nature Transformed companion book at the High Museum
Book Review: Gogo Nature Transformed companion book at the High Museum PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wilson Trivino   
Thursday, 24 January 2013 12:29

Atlanta, Georgia-  The accompanying catalogue for the exhibit at the High Museum GOGO: Nature Transformed by Sarah Schleuning gives a good overview of the perspective of the artist Gogo. 

With high gloss photographs of the discussed pieces, this book is written in an interview format conducted by Sarah Schleuning, curator of Decorative Arts and Design at the High Museum of Art.  The forward is written by the famed dancer Mikhail Baryshinikov, of which the book features a photograph of him by photographer Annie Lebovitz.


The book covers Gogo’s early years and how she got into the business. As a single mother she sought financial independence and this was a means to do that. She also discusses the influence of her grandmother Lucy R Ferguson, who was really in tune with nature.  Even though Lucy was deaf, she inculcated the importance of valuing Mother Nature, from walks throughout the island to teaching her how to call for alligators, Lucy was a vital link to Gogo’s odyssey to understand the dynamics of nature. This has led Gogo to pursue an understanding of  Biomimicry, which is a study nature and take these ideas and imitate these designs to solve human problems.

The exhibit has been reconstructed to simulate as you walk into the island, the sky bridge has a nature design wrapped around the glass. In this transformation you then are able to look inside the glass cases and understand the evolution of Gogo’s pieces of jewelry and utensils.  Pictured in the book is a photograph of the installation of the New England Seaweed, (2012) that is nine by six feet. Above the cove display there is a Whale Bone Mobile, ca 2012 that looks like a dream catcher of sorts made up of whale bones and airplane cable.  The Sea Urchin Pouf, (2012) is constructed from materials that simulate the wetness and round dimensions of what would find on the beach.

This book is filled with fascinating insight into the beauty of the Gogo’s creations, perfect for any art library or use as a reference book.

Book Facts:

GOGO: Nature Transformed by Sarah Schleuning

2012 High Museum of Art 96 pp

ISBN: 978-1-932543-50-6

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