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Book Review: Make a Joyful Noise Renaissance Art and Music at Florence Cathedral by Gary M. Radke
Written by Wilson Trivino   
Monday, 27 October 2014 15:41

Atlanta, Georgia- In conjunction by the exhibit at the High Museum “Make A Joyful Noise”; Renaissance Art and Music at Florence Cathedral, the photo catalogue by the same name is an in-depth look at this show.

Luca has been grouped together as one of the five founders of Renaissance art in Florence, which include Ghiberti, Donatello, Brunelleschi, and Massaccio.  This period is the transition from the Medieval and Early Modern Europe and as the word indicates a “rebirth” of sorts.

Book Review: Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan
Written by Wilson Trivino   
Monday, 27 October 2014 15:36

Atlanta, Georgia- I received a copy of Food after attending a show with the author Jim Gaffigan in Atlanta.  I have never seen his set or read his previous book.  His humor is non offensive everyday observational stuff.  The book is the same.

As a husky fellow I understand the love of food. I enjoy every bite and it is a daily battle of the bulge.  Food is also a focus of Jim’s life and this book takes the reader on an unexpected journey.

He does a good job of covering the love of food taste across the country and how it is really a part of the American psyche. 

Book Review: So Anyway by John Cleese
Written by Wilson Trivino   
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:50

Atlanta- I remember sneaking episodes of Monty Python as a young boy. They seemed to have a bit of naughtiness mixed in with brainy humor.

It was a treat to watch live across the pond as the crew got together for a special farewell show. The first two shows sold out in 44 seconds.

Pinter Staged Reading Series at Theatre Emory
Written by Wilson Trivino   
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:52

Atlanta- As part of the Pinter Visions- a symposium on the Work, Art, and Politics of Harold Pinter, I attended a reading of Moonlight.  Directed by Brenda Bynum this work is about a dying man on his death bed. This curmudgeon, Andy (Tim McDonough) is reviewing his life and sharing his last dying wishes. He yearns for an ex-lover Maria, not his wife, his children, and his grandchildren as he prepares for his last breathe.

Book Review: No Apology by Mitt Romney
Written by Wilson Trivino   
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:49

Atlanta- I saw Mitt Romney at a 2014 campaign event in Georgia and it made me think about his failed presidential election.  I wanted to go back and revisit his history and picked up a copy of No Apology.

Even though Mitt has suffered two failed presidential attempts, there are some that are rallying for him to try it again.

This book was written for his 2008 run. But this book does have a good overview on some positive campaign  themes.

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